Welcome to Action Cancer’s

Your School. Our Community

Supported by Centra/SuperValu, this ‘free to use’ hub will give you access to our ‘Health Action Heroes’ and ‘Be Healthy, Be Smart’ schools programmes, helping children learn about key factors for healthy living.

Action Cancer’s Hub will provide you with ALL the information, lesson plans, presentations and activities/resources to deliver creative, fun and informative lessons to your class on a range of subjects, linked to key curriculum learning points.  You won’t have to do anything other than work through it with your class.

Our Programmes


With the characters, Mambo & Jazz, this programme introduces pupils to the ‘4 Golden Rules’, which encourage children to: Eat healthily, be physically active, Stay safe in the sun & Be aware of the dangers of smoking. Aimed at Keystage 1, this programme is designed for P1 – P3.

This programme covers a range of health messages; healthy eating, care in the sun, alcohol, smoking, physical activity, screen time, energy drinks and marketing. Aimed at Keystage 2, this programme is designed for P4 – P7.

Supporting Curriculum Learning



Talking, listening, reading, writing, expanding vocabulary.


Personal understanding and health.

Mathematics & Numeracy

Approximation, estimation, multiplication, handling data.

The Arts

Creativity, visualisation, imagination, drawing, 3D construction, drama.

Science & Technology

Understanding how the body works and how our choices impact it.

Physical Education

Athletics and games.